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    Gas & Diesel Fuels

    Fuel Up with Gasoline or Diesel

    Gas and Diesel FuelsGasoline

    At Petro-Canada, we produce and sell high-quality gasolines for Canadian driving conditions even winter. We've designed gas that enhances engine performance while reducing tailpipe pollutants.

    SuperClean is our premium 91 octane gasoline offered across the Petro-Canada network. During winter months, we specially formulate WinterGas and blend it in all our gasolines, including Ultra 94™ and SuperClean 94 (Montreal only), to give you extra protection in colder weather at no extra cost.

    And all our branded gasolines contain Tactrol, our exclusive deposit control additive, sometimes called a gasoline detergent, that is designed to keep fuel systems clean. Or you can buy Tactrol by the bottle for those rare times when you can't buy your gasoline at Petro-Canada.

    Three grades of gasoline are available at our stations across Canada, and a fourth premium grade is available in selected areas:

    Gasoline Grades Available at Petro-Canada
    Grade Octane Level Petro-Canada Brand Name
    Regular 87 octane RegularClean
    Mid-grade 89 octane PlusClean
    Premium 91 octane SuperClean
    Super premium 94 octane SuperClean 94 (Montreal only)
    Super premium 94 octane Ultra 94

    Petro-Canada has supplied Canadians with high-quality fuels that meet their driving needs for many years. This track record, and the fact that our fuels meet or exceed all Canadian standards, has resulted in our customers’ confidence in the quality of our fuels. To confirm the high standards of our fuels, Petro-Canada decided to participate in the Top Tier program as of Oct. 1, 2006.

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    We sell ultra low sulphur diesel fuel for on-road use for passenger cars, heavy-duty pickups and commercial trucks that have diesel engines. Diesel fuel sold for off-road use such as farm, forestry and mining is also ultra low sulphur diesel. Currently, rail and marine may be ultra low sulphur diesel fuel or low sulphur diesel fuel (up to 500 parts per million).

    Frequently asked questions about diesel fuel
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    Diesel FAQs
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