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    Ultra 94

    High Octane Performance

    Ultra 94is a super-premium fuel that offers high octane performance, even under tough driving conditions. It is only available at select
    Petro-Canada locations
    in Ontario and Alberta.

    Ultra 94, the High Octane Advantage

    Ultra 94's high octane formula surpasses the CGSB (Canadian General Standards Board) performance requirements for super premium gasoline.

    What does this mean for your vehicle? Ultra 94's unique performance and higher detergency helps to:

    • Clean your car's fuel injectors and intake valves — and keep them clean
    • Optimize fuel economy
    • Reduce emissions
    • Improve overall vehicle performance year-round

    Ultra 94's higher octane helps ensure you get maximum horsepower, acceleration and performance from your vehicle, even under tough
    driving conditions.

    Find a Petro-Canada Ultra 94 location 

    Safer Driving

    Bridgestone Racing AcademyThe Bridgestone Racing Academy will provide you with a memory you’ll own forever. The Academy is an auto racing school located at Mosport’s Driver Development Track near Oshawa, Ontario. Their Formula race car courses range from those for first timers to corporate events to serious racing training.

    Proud of their 26-year injury-free safety record featuring modern Van Diemen race cars on an in-house designed track, the Bridgestone Racing Academy is sure to leave you with lasting memories of your thrill of a lifetime.

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