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    Supporting Canadian Athletes and Coaches

    How We Help

    Over the past 27 years, Petro-Canada has proudly supported thousands of Canadian athletes, coaches and their families.

    The Fuelling Athlete and Coaching
    ExcellenceTM (FACETM) Program

    Providing non-carded athletes and their coaches support to achieve their dreams.

    Learn more

    Aspiring Olympic and Paralympic athletes and their coaches are eligible to receive financial assistance through the Petro-Canada Fuelling Athlete and Coaching Excellence (FACE)™ program, which provides funding to amateur athletes hoping to one day represent Canada at the Olympic or Paralympic Games. Annually, Petro-Canada provides $500,000 to 50 athlete and coach pairings.

    The path to the podium can be long and challenging, however, through the FACE program we are there for our athletes as they embark on their journey. The FACE program helps by providing $10,000 in funding to an athlete and their coach to support their development in sport and their work towards achieving national carded status. Non-carded athletes do not receive any government funding and depend on programs like FACE to pursue their dreams.

    Athletes and coaches can use the funding for:

    • training
    • equipment
    • travel to competition

    To date, the FACE program has helped over 2,700 Canadian athletes and their coaches by providing more than $9,400,000 in financial support.

    Who is eligible to apply for FACE funding?

    All current Olympic and Paralympic sports are eligible for FACE program funding. Athletes are nominated and selected based on criteria established by Petro-Canada, the Canadian Olympic Committee and the Canadian Paralympic Committee.

    National Sport Federations (NSFs) select and nominate candidates across Canada who would best benefit from the funding. A committee comprised with representatives from Petro-Canada, the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic committees and the Coaching Association of Canada work together to select the final recipients.

    Eligibility for the Petro-Canada FACE program is as follows:
    • Nominees must be in good standing with their NSF
    • The nominees sport and event must be included on the official program of the next Olympic, Olympic Winter Games, Paralympic or Paralympic Winter Games
    • Nominees must be committed to train and compete for their NSF, representing Canada for the upcoming year
    • Nominated athletes must be Canadian citizens
    • Eligibility is restricted to non-carded athletes according to their NSF and Sport Canada at the time of nomination
    • Athletes cannot be selected on the program for more than two years.

    Please contact your National Sports Federation (NSF) today to be considered for our Petro-Canada Fuelling athlete & coaching excellence (FACE) program.


    View the 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 FACE recipients

    Check out the Petro-Canada Fuels Athletes Facebook page for a behind-the-scenes look at our FACE recipients

    Canadian Athlete Family Program (CAFP)

    Petro-Canada has extended our contribution to help our athlete's greatest fans —
    their families.

    Learn more

    We believe one of the best ways for Petro-Canada to support Canadian athletes is to help their biggest supporters — their families — be there to see them compete. That’s why in 2010 we launched the Canadian Athlete Family Program (CAFP). This first-of-its-kind initiative allowed over 500 athletes' family members to watch their loved ones compete live at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

    We were proud to continue this legacy of support through a ticketing program that ensured the families of Canadian Olympians and Paralympians competing at the London 2012 and Sochi 2014 Games had the opportunity to watch their athletes compete live — and that Canadian athletes had their own personal cheering section. We will continue this support in Rio 2016.

    Fuelling the Dream Café

    In addition to providing Olympic and Paralympic Games tickets, Petro-Canada also provides support for families through the Fuelling the Dream Café within Canada Olympic House and Canada Paralympic House — a home away from home for Canadian athletes and their parents.

    Get updates on Canadian Athletes, coaches and their families on the Petro-Canada Fuels Athletes Facebook page

    James Worrall Flag Bearer Award

    An award presented to the Canadian athletes that carry our flag into the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Games.

    Learn more

    bronze awardSince 2002, Petro-Canada has recognized the honour of carrying Canada’s flag into the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of both the Olympic and the Paralympic Games by presenting the James Worrall Flag Bearer Award to the athletes chosen to lead Canada’s teams into the Olympic or the Paralympic Stadium.

    The award is named in honour of our friend James Worrall, who competed for Canada in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin and who proudly represented our country as flag bearer for the team. When his athletic career ended, Mr. Worrall became a dedicated, lifelong sports builder and executive, an ambassador worldwide for the Canadian Olympic Movement. Though Mr. Worrall (1914-2011) is no longer with us, his Olympic spirit lives on, reflected in the athletes who receive this award that bears his name.

    The award itself is a beautiful sculpture designed and created by renowned Canadian artist Micah Lexier. The sculpture is just as solid, impressive, and undeniably Canadian as the athletes on our teams.

    Athens 2004 marked the first time that Paralympic athletes received the award.

    View James Worrall Flag Bearer Award recipients

    Paralympic Schools Program

    Helping young students learn more about people with disabilities, the Paralympic Games and Paralympic sports.

    Learn more

    Petro-Canada believes that education builds strong individuals and prepares them for the world. By contributing to projects that encourage equality and fair-play early on in life, we play a part in building the foundation for healthy adults and citizens in the future.

    In partnership with the Canadian Paralympic Committee, we sponsor the Paralympic Schools Program designed to help young students learn more about people with disabilities, the Paralympic Games and Paralympic sports.

    The program emphasizes the significance of inclusion and equality within our communities.

    The Petro-Canada Paralympic Schools Program:

    • Speaks to young people, ages nine to 13, and offers fun online multi-media lessons and activities, as well as prizes and giveaways
    • Educates both able and disabled students about equality and inclusiveness
    • Sensitizes students to the human potential that resides in all of us — a message that we all have disabilities to recognize and overcome
    • Helps youth adjust to the challenges of the real world where life is not always about success, but more often about resilience, responding to setbacks and obstacles, and having the persistence to overcome the fear of failure
    • Offers lesson plans to teachers covering the five core curriculum subjects: language arts, physical education, visual arts, mathematics and history.

    In 2012, the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) launched a new, innovative education program that includes:

    • Curriculum-specific resources
    • Cross-curricular activities
    • Formal assessment objectives
    • Interactive schemes of work.

    These resources were designed in collaboration with provincial ministries of education, national sports organizations and other key stakeholders in the education community. This educational resource not only assists schools in assuring inclusivity, but provides further opportunities for students of all abilities to access academic and sporting opportunities.

    Visit the Paralympics Schools Program website