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    Petro-Canada Car Wash

    Keep your car clean year-round by visiting any of our convenient Petro-Canada™ car wash locations. There are over 240 SuperWash™ and GlideWash™ locations across Canada to give you a great car wash experience. Get a Season Pass or Wash & Go card so you never need a paper ticket again – they’re the easiest way to keep your car clean!

    SuperWash and GlideWash at Petro-Canada

    Choose the wash that’s right for your vehicle at over 240 convenient SuperWash and GlideWash Petro-Canada locations across Canada.

    Plus, collect and redeem Petro-Points for a Free Car Wash, with Petro-Points.

    Wash & Go and Season Pass car wash cards at Petro-Canada

    Keeping your car clean is easy with one of our convenient car wash cards.

    Enjoy the Wash & Go card that comes preloaded with 5 top wash packages – you never have to worry about tickets or an expiry again.

    Wash once a day for 90 days with the Season Pass.

    Season Pass reload now also available for 30 and 60 days.

    Register and reload your Petro-Canada car wash card

    Register a car wash card online and protect your existing balance if your card is lost or stolen. Plus, you can reload your card online with the option of using Petro-Points or the payment card of your choice.

    Log in to your account to manage your car wash card:


    How many Petro-Points do I need to redeem for a car wash?
    How many Petro-Points do I need to redeem for a car wash?

    You can redeem your Petro-Points in-store for car wash tickets or car wash cards, or reload your cards with Petro-Points online.

    Car wash ticket

    Car wash tickets

    • SuperWorks™
      10,000 Petro-Points
    • GlideforCarLovers™
      10,000 Petro-Points
    Season Pass car wash card

    Car wash Season Pass or Carte accès lave-auto

    • 90 day Season Pass
      185,000 Petro-Points
    • Reload now
    Wash & Go car wash card

    Car wash Wash & Go cards

    Frequently asked questions
    Frequently asked questions
    1. How do I get a replacement Wash & Go or Season Pass card?
      If you need to replace your Wash & Go or Season Pass card, you can get a replacement card by calling our customer service at 1 (800) 668-0220.

      When you call in you will be asked for your contact information, the car wash card number and proof of purchase. The card will be put in the mail and you’ll have your replacement within 7-10 business days.

    2. How do I check the balance on my Season Pass or Wash & Go card?
      To check the balance on your Season Pass or Wash & Go card, please create a Petro-Points account, or if you’re already a member, please log in to your account. Register your Season Pass or Wash & Go card and then find your car wash card information on the account homepage.

    Read the Car Wash Cards and Season Pass terms and conditions
    Read the Carte accès lave-auto terms and conditions