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    The Points Shop Closure

    When are you closing The Points SHOP™?
    Effective July 15, 2013, Petro-Points™ members will no longer be able to order through The Points Shop.

    Why are you shutting down The Points Shop?
    Petro-Canada has elected not to renew our contract with The Points Shop. We apologize for any inconvenience. You may still redeem for any one of our many other rewards.

    View our other rewards partners

    Will you be replacing The Points Shop?
    Please continue to check the Petro-Points website for updates on new partners and offers.

    In what other ways can I redeem my points?
    Redeeming Petro-Points is fast & easy!

    1. Check your points balance either online through My Petro-Canada™ or on your latest Petro-Canada receipt.
    2. Browse rewards online or pick up a copy of the Rewards Guide at participating stations. Redeem for the Fuel Savings Reward, gift cards, travel and more!
    3. Finally, choose your reward! Redeem your Petro-Points instantly and get your reward at participating Petro-Canada stations or redeem or exchange points online for partner rewards like travel or to reload your Fuel Savings Reward card.

    When is the last day for me to place an order?
    The last day orders will be accepted is July 14, 2013. 

    What happens if I place an order on The Points Shop just before it closes down? Will I still receive my order?
    As long as you place your order by July 14, 2013 your order will be fulfilled and delivered to you.

    Who do I contact if I need help regarding products I ordered from The Points Shop after the closure?
    Please contact The Points Shop customer service at 1-888-501-0326.

    Will I get my Petro-Points bonuses from The Points Shop?
    Yes, if you purchase by July 14, 2013 you will receive all eligible bonus Petro-Points.

    Where can I order or redeem Petro-Canada gift cards online after The Points Shop closes?
    Please visit your local Petro-Canada location as there is no option currently available to purchase or redeem Petro-Canada gift cards online.