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    Terms and Conditions

    Carte accès lave-auto

    This agreement between Suncor Energy Inc. (operating under the corporate name “Petro-Canada”, hereinafter referred to as “Petro-Canada”) and the service purchaser (hereinafter called the “Client”) is a fixed term service contract valid for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of the first use of the services by the Client.

    1. Petro-Canada will provide the Client with “SuperWorks” automotive wash services at its SuperWash and Glide Wash (limited locations in Ontario only) locations, during ninety (90) consecutive days, starting from the day the services are first used by the Client (the “Contract Period”).
    2. Limit of one (1) car wash per day between 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. and within the site’s car wash hours. Not all car washes are open 24 hours. Hours of operation vary by car wash. Client must read and comply with car wash instructions and conditions, maximum height and safety procedures, which are posted before car wash entrance.
    3. Services will be provided by Petro-Canada during the Contract Period only. No refund or services shall be provided by Petro-Canada if the Client fails to use the services during the Contract Period, in full or in part.
    4. Not valid on vehicles that are unable to be washed due to size/type of vehicle. Client needs to ensure that the size of his vehicle is appropriate for the car wash facility. Client shall indemnify and save Petro-Canada harmless of any and all claims or damages related to the use of the services for an oversized vehicle.
    5. Not for commercial use.
    6. Petro-Canada will, upon entering into the present contract, provide the Client with a carte accès lave-auto to the SuperWash and Glide Wash locations, which can be used during the Contract Period. Carte accès lave-auto has no monetary value and is not redeemable for cash or any other Petro-Canada products or services. Carte accès lave-auto remains the exclusive property of Petro-Canada and may be repossessed if Client acts in a disorderly, illegal, inappropriate or fraudulent manner, or if Client does not comply with the conditions of the present agreement. Carte accès lave-auto must be activated at a participating Petro-Canada retail location.
    7. Petro-Canada will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged Cartes accès lave-auto, unless the Client has registered the card at
    8. The total service price includes all relevant charges with the exception of QST and GST, which will be added to the price and charged on the date the agreement is entered into.
    9. This agreement is governed by and is to be interpreted, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the province of Quebec and the federal laws of Canada applicable therein, without regard to conflict of laws principles. Any dispute arising out or related to this agreement shall be submitted exclusively to the courts of the province of Quebec, to the exclusion of any other court in any other state, province, country or territory.