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    Preferred Price Card, Petro-Points

    Terms and Conditions

    Terms of Use

    Petro-Canada is a Suncor Energy business.

    Use of the Preferred Price™ Card constitutes acceptance of the Suncor Energy Products Partnership Preferred Price Card Agreement:

    1. Card is to be used for purchase of motor fuels only.
    2. For Preferred Price cents per litre, see front of the card, or appropriate documentation authorized by Petro-Canada.
    3. Card must be used in combination with a form of payment accepted at Petro-Canada.
    4. Only one Preferred Price card per transaction.
    5. Valid only at participating Petro-Canada retail sites.
    6. Card is not redeemable for cash.
    7. Petro-Canada is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged cards.
    8. Card may be terminated or confiscated at any time, if used illegally or inappropriately.
    9. Value remaining on card at any given time shall be based on
      Petro-Canada’s records.

    Lost or Stolen Cards

    Petro-Canada will exercise reasonable effort to ensure cards reported as lost or stolen are cancelled as soon as possible after receipt of the request. For replacement card requests please call Customer Service at 1 (800) 668-0220 (TTY: 855-717-5543).

    Petro-Canada will issue a new card containing the balance outstanding at the time Petro-Canada receives the request to replace the card. Petro-Canada will not reimburse the cardholder for any transactions (fraudulent or otherwise) that may occur prior to or during the time the request for a replacement card is made.

    The cardholder is responsible for any transactions that may occur on the card until such time as a Petro-Canada representative receives the request and cancels the card in question.

    See the Petro-Points Terms and Conditions

    Read Petro-Canada’s Legal Notice

    Read Petro-Canada's Privacy Policy