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    Social Media Participation Guidelines

    Petro-Canada™ is a Suncor Energy business and adheres to Suncor Energy’s social media participation guidelines.

    Suncor uses social media sites and services as a way to:

    • share relevant and interesting content with our customers, retail guests, partners, stakeholders and industry participants and
    • participate in conversations about our business and industry

    We welcome you to engage with us through any of the social media channels listed on

    By submitting content or a comment, message or response through a site or service we moderate, facilitate or otherwise have a measure of control over, you agree to the terms and conditions of these participation guidelines:

    Content and Comments

    Suncor contributes and shares various content, including announcements, messages, photos, videos, tweets and other information about:

    • Suncor
    • our retail and non-retail operations
    • the Suncor Energy Foundation and its activities
    • our business and community partners and
    • our industry

    Where Suncor has the opportunity to review your comments, we will endeavour to review and post appropriate comments in a timely manner.  We will also endeavour to respond to your comments as appropriate.  This may include:

    • responding to an individual message
    • directing individuals to more appropriate channels, such as Customer Service or Media Relations or
    • responding in a manner that addresses a number of comments or questions on a similar subject

    Suncor is a publicly traded company operating in a regulated industry and so comments pertaining to any ongoing legal matters or regulatory issues specific to Suncor will not be posted or acknowledged.

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    Rights and Responsibilities

    Suncor reserves the right to reject, remove, report or otherwise exercise its rights in respect of any content, including links, images or videos or other materials that:

    • are obscene, offensive, profane, threatening, defamatory, harassing or hateful in nature
    • are off-topic, unrelated, duplicative, inappropriate, spam or impersonate others
    • are promotions, advertisements or solicitations for goods or services
    • infringe upon, misappropriate or violate the rights of anyone or encourage harmful or illegal activity or
    • make false or misleading comments or claims about Suncor, Petro-Canada, the company’s products or services or any of its competitors

    Neither Suncor’s decision to add, join, follow, accept or connect to other social media participants nor its inclusion, sharing, or referencing or linking to the content or comments of others implies an endorsement of any kind by Suncor.

    Suncor may link to other sites and services not provided by us, which includes content and comments created by others. Suncor is not responsible for these sites or services or their content.

    The views expressed by others, including members of the public, are their own and should not be taken to represent the views or official position of Suncor or its personnel.

    Where Suncor personnel are using social media sites or services outside of work hours or in their personal capacity, they are responsible for their social media activities, and their content and comments should not be taken to represent the views or official position of Suncor, despite their professional affiliation with Suncor.

    Suncor is not responsible for and disclaims any and all liability for the content or comments of others.

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    Customer Service

    Please refer to the Petro-Canada Customer Service webpage for such customer service assistance.

    For questions or comments about Suncor Energy or our operations, please contact us

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    Policies and Practices

    For information about content ownership as well as our and your legal responsibilities in respect of our sites and online services, please refer to the Legal section of our website, the terms of which are incorporated into these participation guidelines by reference. 

    Our Statement of Privacy Practices applies to the use of social media by Suncor and we encourage you to read it. 

    We have licensed our Flickr photos using a Creative Commons license. You may use and reproduce the photos included in this library for non-commercial purposes as long as you:

    1. do not remove the copyright or other proprietary notices from the photos
    2. credit Suncor Energy Inc.
    3. make no modifications to the photos or distort the photos in any manner
    4. do not display the photos in a manner that would prejudice the reputation of Suncor
    5. do not make any additional representations, warranties or statements relating to the photos and
    6. link to the Suncor Flickr account as per Flickr’s terms of service

    Please note that Suncor may post in either French or English.

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    Suncor reserves the right to modify these participation guidelines at any time by posting the modified participation guidelines to this site or otherwise giving you notice.

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