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    Phone Cards

    Stay Connected with Family and Friends

    You can buy pre-paid cell, domestic and international long-distance phone time at participating Petro-Canada stations. We activate your phone time at time of purchase by giving you your own personal identification number (PIN) on a paper slip.

    Extra Value at Petro-Canada

    Great variety of options available for pre-paid cell phone time
    • You’ll always find phone time in stock at Petro-Canada. Plus, you can conveniently pick up pre-paid cell time at almost 1,000 locations
      across Canada.
    • We carry a wide variety of brands for both long-distance and wireless service so you can get the phone time that’s just right for you.
    • Available in denominations of $5, $10 and $20.

    Prepaid Calling Cards
    Which pre-paid calling card product will keep you connected with family and friends?
    Usage Which pre-paid calling card product will give you the best value for your money?
    Frequent short calls Look for no connection or no maintenance fee phone time (price per minute). These products usually have higher price per minute rates.
    Occasional long
    phone calls
    Look for transaction fee-based phone time (price per connection). These products will have a lower price per minute rate.
    phone calls
    Look for cards that don’t have daily maintenance fees. These fees can eat up your phone time value.
    Local Access numbers Look for pre-paid calling cards with local access numbers or toll-free access numbers to save money.

    Please note there is a $1.00 Transaction Fee (plus applicable tax) on the sale of all Wireless Airtime (excluding Petro Canada Mobility). The additional service fee applies to all denominations of the following Wireless Airtime cards:

    • Bell
    • Fido
    • Public Mobile
    • Rogers
    • Telus
    • Virgin
    • Wind

    No-contract cell phone plans